Yoga can help with Scoliosis in so many ways:

Psychologically :

  • Yoga will help you to feel empowered when you start to take responsibility for your wellbeing without depending on someone else like your chiropractor or Osteopath to manage your scoliosis.

  • You can manage your pain without depending on drugs.

  • You develop a sense of balance, mentally and physically.

  • Yoga helps in self acceptance, self confidence and feeling comfort in your own body.


  • Yoga practice is usually asymmetrical practice which allows you to explore the differences you feel between the left and right side.

  • In Yoga with Scoliosis, you learn to adjust your body so you feel balanced and aligned on both sides.

  • Usually with Scoliosis, there are weak muscles in the back and short ones which develop due to Scoliosis. With Yoga, you will learn to strengthen the weak muscles and lengthen the short ones; which will help with the pain that is usually associated with the condition.

  • Depending on the level of pain you feel, you will become self aware of the body needs; meaning, do you want to release and mobilize or do you want to strengthen and de-rotate.

  • Develop breath awareness. By focusing on the breath throughout the yoga practice you will become aware to continuously breathe and especially through the sides of the lungs and the ribs where the breath does not flow easily.

  • In yoga, you will learn how to de-rotate the rotated vertebrae that are caused due to Scoliosis in all poses and especially during the twists.