Living with Scoliosis doesn’t mean that you should stop doing any of your daily activities or live differently just because you have it.

Living with Scoliosis has allowed me to better understand the human body and it helped me to start my yoga journey.

Yoga helps to manage the pain and to work on the weak muscles and to lengthen the short ones so I can feel more balanced within.

But with Yoga, it is not only a physical exercises, it is also spiritual; it also helps to align the mind and soul.

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The human body is not only made of bones!


Living with Scoliosis affects the alignment in the body which sometimes cause the body not to look “Perfect” which can cause emotional problems especially for teenage girls who have this condition & are affected by the social pressure that always show the “Perfect” body.

My advise to these cases is not to let any of these social pressure affects you or affects the way you look at yourself. You should always believe in yourself and be proud of who you are.

I was feeling like that before I started yoga but after I got more into it, it helped me to gain self confidence & I can’t say it corrected my alignment 100% but it made me feel more comfortable in my own body.

I've been diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 11.

My thoracic curve is a pretty severe curve because I ignored it for so long. It was a traumatic experience, at the age of 11 everybody's telling me, I have an abnormal spine which led me to just ignore it & not talk about it & didn't even do any check ups or exercise to correct it or even maintain the curve & stop it from progressing.

So it gotten worse over time & I became more self-conscious about it.

I was never an athletic person & would never commit to any kind of sports for more than a month maybe even less.

I started yoga at the age of 28 (9years ago) & since then I started to feel better & been able to manage my back pain & not only that I became more confident with how I am. (I honestly wish I would have discovered yoga at a younger age but everything happens for a reason. Right?)

Scoliosis usually causes emotional as well as physical pain. Some people suffer constant back pain & for me sometimes it was too hard I couldn't even sleep. But since I started yoga it has gotten better.

For me, the degree is just a medical term for doctors to monitor the progress. If any doctor sees my curve today, they would advise me to do a surgery ASAP & wouldn't imagine how I'm living with that severe curve. I remember in my last scoliosis workshop, a student saw my X-ray and commented “oh, you have a very artistic spine!)

But for me, the progress comes from how I feel & how I manage my life living with Scoliosis. And as long as the Scoliosis is not affecting any vital organ, then no need for a surgery that would add some limitations to my movement.

Scoliosis can be managed with the correct exercise & guidance as well as dedication & commitment.

You see, the human body is not only made of bones, you have muscles too.

So with Scoliosis, it's very important you focus on the right muscles to feel aligned and pain free.

And with the correct exercise and with someone experienced in Scoliosis, they can help u in dealing with the pain and guiding ur practice to feel better.


The reason I fell in love with yoga is that it taught me that everyone is different and we should embrace this difference. This difference is what makes me who I am. It is part of me.

It has always been a sensitive issue to me and I always avoided talking about it and try to hide it as much as I can. I felt ashamed of it and I can't remember how many times I cried because of it or whenever someone points it out to me (like I don't know already) Until I started practicing yoga.


First of all, it helped me physically that I stopped having a constant back pain but most importantly it helped me on an emotional & psychological level.

Once in a yoga class, a fellow student referred to my protruded shoulder blade as my wing! (She was assisting the main teacher). Few years back, I would have been offended but today I feel it's ok, it's part of me and part of who I am. I actually thought it's kinda cute.

I've attended an intense course about scoliosis and been reading more about it and learning more about how yoga can help with Scoliosis and all of the books and videos I see, they refer to the protruded part of the back due to scoliosis as a hump, hunchback or (maybe this is the cutest) mountain side! So I think to call it a wing is way cuter and more acceptable.

So Yoga is not about flexibility or posting sexy photos in handstands, splits or being able to put your leg up on your neck (yes, some people do that), it's about self acceptance, it's about being ok with who you are regardless of your difference.

If I refer to my difference as a wing, what better description can I think of?
So embrace whatever difference you have and spread your wings whatever shape they come into and never be ashamed of anything that makes you who you are.

At the end of the day your physical body is not gonna last with you forever.
And thank you to the student who referred to my difference as a wing.

From now on if anyone asks me, I'll say I have an extra wing!