Find your strength!

Here’s what you will get out of this workshop:

  • Explore the differences in the muscles between your right side and your left side. 

  • Understand your curve, so you will be able to adjust your body in some yoga postures to feel more balanced and aligned on both sides.

  • You will learn what are the muscles that you need to stretch and the muscles that you need to strengthen

  • Learn the ability to use your breath as your guide

  • Learn how to twist safely 

  • Use the knowledge you gain and apply it in any practice that you do, can be yoga or any other type of activity

Date: Saturday 4th of December, 2021

Time: 1pm GMT+2 (Cairo, Egypt Time)

Platform: Zoom 



For the workshop, you will need to have the following items:

  • Yoga mat

  • Two hand towels (Small ones not microfiber)

  • 2 Blankets like the Ikea ones (or big beach towels not microfiber ones) 

  • Pen and paper so you can take notes if needed

  • 2 yoga blocks or big books or tupperware 

  • 1 yoga strap or a robe belt

  • A wall you can use

  • a Chair without arms or wheels

  • Floor space with arms being able to reach out to sides of body at shoulder height and also overhead

- During the zoom call, please make sure of the following to get the best benefit:

  • To wear light colored clothes 

  • Room is well lit

  • The camera is well positioned so I'm able to have a clear view of you during the session.

-If you have the x-ray that would be a good added value.